When engineers become artists – The Mercedes-Maybach S 600. VIDEO

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A new video coming from Stuttgart shows the fine line of the Mercedes-Maybach S 600. “There is a point at which the line that separates the engineer from the artist vanishes”, says the voiceover of the video. Shall we take the words for granted or shall we check this by ourselves in a video story?

Mixing art with technology, this came out: the Mercedes-Maybach S 600. The automobile luxury as only Mercedes-Benz could envision it.

Mercedes-Maybach S600 video brochure

A gentleman comes down a premium private jet and enters the Maybach. The driver is heading to a mansion on a hilltop. Does the stone house look familiar? You have surely seen it before. It’s the Halliburton Mansion in Laguna Beach, California, also featured in the “Hangover 3” blockbuster. Even though it stands in Malibu proudly on the Pacific coast, the architect, William Alexander, was asked to use the southern European inspiration back in the early ‘30s, when the 3-bedroom mansion was built. Subsequently, a helicopter pad and an infinity pool have been added to the 37-acre estate on the Malibu hills, boasting 360-degree vistas of Los Angeles and the ocean.

Halliburon House Mercedes-Maybach S600

Photo source: www.luxurioushotels.net

And the house comes with a beautiful lady, getting ready for a night out, as she fits on an elegant dress and shiny pearl necklace.

While she is making efforts to look her best, the man is peacefully relaxing in the executive seating, that reclines to a full 43,5 degrees, offering hot stone massage, surrounded by the world’s highest quality Nappa leather. She texts him to tell him she is ready and he smiles when he sees the message on the display of his smartphone. And speaking of displays, the Maybach comes with a 12.3 inch HD display. For the extra comfort, he unfolds the table and lets his feet rest on the specially manufactured support, in the quietest cabin in the automotive industry, featuring Magic Sky Control for extra lighting.


He opens the right passenger door and he gets in the driver’s seat, heading downhill, into the city. The biturbo V12 engine of the Maybach makes acceleration swift and effortless.