Mercedes-AMG GT S with candy red Forgiato wheels

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The Mercedes-AMG GT S is still a new car, only sent out into the world 9 months ago, so tuners are still testing. And it looks like they will stop at nothing. The latest company to exploit the AMG GT S was Forgiato Wheels.

Some tests go well, others are total failures. What category should the speedy GT S go under now? It may just stand on the edge between ridiculous and fabulous. And that’s such a tight thin line to walk (or drive) along.

Forgiato Wheels2

The Los Angeles-based company wanted to make a splash, so they decided to set up flashy red wheels to the luxury supercar. Therefore, they took a silver GT S (what if it was completely red?) car and did exactly what you see in the pictures: fitted it with Forgiato Kato-1-ELC, with a color that could give you a headache if you gaze at it for too long.

It may look like it’s a bit too much, but that’s a contrast that will surely make this fierce AMG baby prodigy stand out in the crowd.

Now the car featuring the all-famous 4.0-liter biturbo V8 will roar out all those 510 HP while running on candy-red wheels. Imagine how they look in the 3,8 seconds the supercar runs the 0-100 km/h distance.

If you’d rather go for classy than flashy, try this!