Official: second generation Mercedes GLC

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Mercedes’ best-selling model of the last two years is moving to a new generation. The second generation Mercedes GLC is available with three Plug-In Hybrid versions and with the new integral steering.

Launched in 2015 as the successor to the Mercedes GLK, the Mercedes GLC has been the best-selling Mercedes model for the past two years beating even the C-Class limousine.

Optional integral steering

The new model takes over the modern platform from the C-Class with a new four link front axle, five link rear axle and  integral steering with 4.5 degree steering angle. This allows the turning circle to be reduced by 80 cm to 11 metres because at speeds of up to 60 km/h the front wheels steer in the opposite direction to the front wheels. At speeds above 60 km/h the front wheels turn in the same direction as the rear wheels. For superior comfort, the rear axle is mounted on a subframe.

The Mercedes GLC comes standard with classic steel spring suspension but unlike the C-Class, it is available with optional air suspension Airmatic. It is available with the Engineering package along with integral steering. Due to the large capacity battery that weighs quite a lot, Plug-in Hybrid versions are standard equipped with air suspension with automatic level control at the rear axle. Another option is the Offroad Engineering package, which includes a 20 mm higher ground clearance and underbody protection at the front.

Versions with the AMG Line Exterior package come with sports suspension.

Mercedes GLC 2022

Transparent bonnet

The Mercedes GLC offers an option that has appeared in Land Rover models, called Transparent bonnet: in off-road mode, a virtual image of the front underneath the car is shown on the central display, including the front wheels and their position. Two images are actually offered. At speeds up to 8 km/h, an image of the underside of the car is shown. At speeds between 8 and 20 km/h, an image of the front of the car is shown. The transparent bonnet comes with the optional Parking package with 360 degree camera.

Layout from the C-Class with 11.9 inch multimedia screen as standard

The dashboard includes two standard displays: a 12.3-inch display for the instrument panel and an 11.9-inch display for the multimedia system. Three display styles – classic, sporty, discreet – are offered as with other Mercedes models, each with three modes – navigation, assistance, service. In addition, the Mercedes GLC has an off-road mode. An optional 800 x 400 pixel resolution colour head-up display is available, which displays information virtually on a 23 x 8 cm display 3 metres in front of the car.

Mercedes GLC 2022

31.2 kWh battery which can be charged at DC stations

On Plug-In Hybrid versions the driver can choose between Battery Hold and Electric modes. Battery Hold allows you to conserve battery power for later use. Unlike the old model, the battery can no longer be recharged during drive using the heat engine. With a very large capacity of 31.2 kWh, it is not efficient to charge the battery using the heat engine as consumption increases greatly.
The battery can be charged at standard AC stations up to 11 kW or optionally at DC stations up to 60 kW in only 30 minutes.
The Mercedes GLC can run electrically up to 140 km/h. As with other Mercedes models, there is a pressure point on the accelerator pedal stroke that marks the start of the thermal engine.

Three mild hybrid versions and three Plug In Hybrid versions

All Mercedes GLC versions have 4-cylinder engines and 4Matic all-wheel drive. The 2-litre diesel is the new OM 654 M version with 1993 cmc displacement (1950 cmc before), 2700 bar injection pressure (2500 bar before) and two turbos with variable geometry. Three mild hybrid versions are available with integrated 23 HP/320 Nm second generation starter generator:
– GLC 200 4Matic with 204 HP
– GLC 300 4Matic with 258 HP
– GLC 220 d 4Matic with 197 HP

Three Plug-in Hybrid versions are also offered, combining a diesel or petrol engine with a 100 kW, 440 Nm electric motor:
GLC 300 e 4Matic with 313 HP
GLC 400 e 4Matic with 381 HP
GLC 300 de 4Matic with 335 HP

Bigger boot, almost the same interior dimensions

With a length of 4,716 mm  and a height of 1640 mm, the new Mercedes GLC is 60 mm longer and 4 cm less tall while the width remains unchanged at 1,890 mm. The 2,888 mm wheelbase has increased by 15 mm but the interior dimensions have not changed significantly as the rear legroom has increased by only 2 mm. Although the width is identical, the front and rear track has increased by 6 mm in the front and 23 mm in the rear.

A significant addition is the boot volume, which has increased from 550 to 620 litres. The rear seat backrest is 40/20/40% splittable and the rear seat backrest can be unlocked electric by pressing the buttons located on the left and the right side of the rear seat backrest.

The rear seat backrests can be adjusted in the cargo position to an angle of only 10 degrees from vertical. If the Load Comfort package is ordered, the rear seat backrests can be electrically folded down as well as the load compartment roller blind. Electrically operated tailgate is standard.
The Mercedes GLC comes standard with the Avantgarde Line exterior package. Optional AMG Line is available.

New assistance systems

The Mercedes GLC has new assistance systems with new features:
– Active Distance Assist Distronic adaptive cruise control now reacts to cars stopped on the road at speeds of up to 100 km/h (60 km/h before)
– Lane assist with active steering correction works up to 210 km/h and detects the lane using a 360-degree camera.
– new Parking package with 360 degree camera comes with transparent bonnet

Mercedes GLC will be produced at the Bremen plant like the previous generation but also at Sindelfingen and Beijing. The battery for the Plug-In hybrid versions are supplied by the Mercedes Bruhl factory.

Mercedes GLC GLC 200 4Matic GLC 300 4Matic GLC 220 d 4Matic GLC 300 e 4MaticGLC 400 e 4Matic GLC 300 de 4Matic
Engine/no. of cylindersL4, turboL4, turboL4, turbodieselL4, turboL4, turboL4, turbodiesel
Displacement (cmc)199919991993199919991993
Max. Output/revs (HP/rpm)204/6100258/5800197/3600204/6100252/5800197/3600
Max. torque/revs (Nm/rpm)320/2000-4000400/2000-3200440/1800-2800320/2000-4000400/2000-3200440/1800-2800
Max. output electric engine (HP)232323136136136
Max. torque electric engine (Nm)200200200440440440
System output (HP)313381335
System torque (Nm)550650750
L x w x h (mm)4716 x 1890 x 16404716 x 1890 x 16404716 x 1890 x 16404716 x 1890 x 16404716 x 1890 x 16404716 x 1890 x 1640
Wheelbase (mm)288828882888288828882888
Kerbweight (kg)192519252000235523552415
Acceleration 0–100 km/h (s)
Top speed (km/h)221240219218237217
Fuel consumption (l/100 km)
CO2 emissions (g/km)167167136141413
Electric range (km)104104102