Six new versions of the Aston Martin DBX with Mercedes technology

2 PHEV, SUV-coupe and 7-seater for DBX
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 As expected, the Aston Martin DBX is about to become a bestseller. That’s why the British are thinking of expanding the Aston Martin DBX range by no less than 6 versions using Mercedes technology.

In 2020, out of 4150 Aston Martin sold (-32% compared to 2019), more than quarter of sales were DBX: 1171 units. It is clear that the Aston Martin DBX has significant growth potential and that is why the British want to expand the range with the help of technology from the partner Mercedes which owns 20% of the shares of Aston Martin.

The first new model would appear at the end of this year. It is a mild hybrid based on the 6-cylinder in-line M256 turbo engine used by Mercedes in the AMG 53 series models. In Mercedes models it delivers 435 HP.

In 2022, Aston Martin wants to launch a high-performance version of the DBX equipped with the same 4-liter V8 bi-turbo that will deliver 650 HP, 100 HP more than at current version and just as much as it has Lamborghini Urus.

In 2023 will follow the first Plug-In Hybrid version about which Aston Martin does not give much information at this time.

In 2024, the range of bodies will be expanded. Although the DBX already looks like a  SUV-coupe, Aston Martin believes that there would be more room for a version with an even more aggressive design, but also for a version with a long wheelbase and 7 seats.

The sixth version will also be a Plug-In Hybrid model equipped with the new E-Performance propulsion system that will be launched soon on the Mercedes-AMG GT 4 doors. The 4-liter bi-turbo V8 engine and an electric motor will supply over 800 HP together.

Aren’t there too many six versions for a car that sells just over 1,000 copies a year? Aston Martin believes that this is the only way to reach the number of 10,000 copies sold in 2025.