Mercedes-Benz sales – Still number one in the premium car segment

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Mercedes-Benz remained number one in 2019 with over 2,3 million cars sold throughout 2019. It was the highest sales volume in the company’s history. Mercedes remains the leader of the premium car segment, despite efforts from rivals BMW and Audi.

2019 came and went as the ninth consecutive record year, marking a 1.3% growth up to a total of 2,339,562 units delivered worldwide, while BMW convinced 2,170,000 customers and Audi sold 1,850,000 cars.

The Stuttgart-based premium company thus kept its leading position at the top of the premium segment and it did the same in markets such as Germany, Great Britain, France, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Poland, Portugal, South Korea, Japan, Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore and South Africa.

Mercedes posted a new record in the Asia-Pacific region, delivering 977,922 units there, 693,443 of them in China, which means more than in any other market. China has been Mercedes-Benz’s largest sales market since 2015.

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937,881 cars remained in Europe, 14,000 of which at home in Germany, going as high as 318,353 cars in 2019. This was the highest sales volume in Germany in the past ten years.

Great Britain and France, closely followed by Italy and Spain, are among the largest sales markets in the Europe region for Mercedes-Benz.

The NAFTA region accounted for 372,144 vehicles between January and December 2019. 316,094 American customers chose a car with the star in the United States of America, despite a challenging market situation.

Mercedes-Benz Sales GLC

Every third Mercedes-Benz car sold last year was an SUV. The GLA, the GLB, the GLC and GLC Coupe and recently the electric EQC, together with the GLE and the GLC Coupe and the G-Class off-roader were the favorites for 783,700 customers that wanted a premium high ride. The G-Class was the choice for 34,912 people worldwide.

Meanwhile, the premium company sold 667,000 compact cars, posting an increase of more than 30,000 units. 392,900 customers chose a C-Class, while 351,000 chose an E-Class Saloon or Estate.

Mercedes-Benz sales – November record for the premium company

The S-Class remained the world’s best-selling luxury saloon. 71,700 customers ordered one in 2019. Since the market launch in 2015, approximately 500 of these exclusive luxury automobiles have been delivered every month to customers in China alone, with the figure exceeding 700 units per month last year.

The AMG division posted a record in 2019 as well, with 132,136 units sold and a double-digit growth of 11.8%. The smart tiny cars were selected by 116,800 customers.


Sales overview in 2019

December 2019 Change in % Jan.-Dec. 2019 Change in %
Mercedes-Benz 205,968 -0.3 2,339,562 +1.3
smart 11,181 +8.6 116,781 -9.3
Mercedes-Benz Cars 217,149 +0.1 2,456,343 +0.7
Mercedes-Benz unit sales in the regions/markets    
Europe 83,222 -0.7 937,881 +0.4
– thereof Germany 27,981 +1.6 318,353 +4.8
Asia/Pacific 82,679 +2.0 977,922 +3.7
– thereof China 52,510 +5.2 693,443 +6.2
NAFTA 35,132 -6.2 372,144 -1.6
– thereof USA 30,294 -5.4 316,094 +0.0