Mercedes EQA 250+ with more range

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Mercedes offers an extended range version of the Mercedes EQA. The Mercedes EQA 250+ offers a range of 540 km, compared to 424-430 km for the other models.

The Mercedes EQA is currently available in three versions, all equipped with a 66.5 kWh net battery capacity.
– EQA 250: 140 kW (190 hp), 375 Nm, one front axle motor, range 424 km 49,945.50 euro
– EQA 300 4Matic: 168 kW (228 HP), 390 Nm, 2 motors, range 430 km, 53,538.10 euro
– EQA 350 4Matic: 215 kW (292 HP), 520 Nm, 2 engines, range 430 km, 56,215.60 euro

The new Mercedes EQA 250+ version has a larger battery with a net capacity of 70.5 kWh. The 190 HP motor on the front axle is identical and the claimed range is 540 km WLTP, 116 km longer than the EQA 250.

How was a 30% increase in range achieved with a battery capacity only 7% higher? The Mercedes EQA 250+ is equipped with the Range Plus package which dispenses with roof rails and includes a lowered suspension, underbody panels, an aerodynamically optimised front spoiler and optimised recovery stages. Also, the 18-inch wheels have increased tyre pressure and lower rolling resistance.

Mercedes is charging 9000 euros more for the higher battery version of the Mercedes EQA 250+ compared to the base EQA 250. But this difference includes more standard equipment compared to the EQA 250. Thus, heated front seats, heat pump, Electric Art package and the two high-resolution displays for the instrument cluster and the 10.25-inch multi-media system are standard. In the end, the real price difference taking into consideration the same equipment level is around 5,000 euro.

Mercedes has three electric SUVs  – Mercedes EQA, Mercedes EQB (with 7 seat option) and Mercedes EQC. All are based on the conventional platforms – MFA II in case of EQA and EQB and MRA II in case of Mercedes EQC. At the end of 2022 will arrive Mercedes EQS SUV followed by Mercedes EQE SUV in 2023. Both are based on the new dedicated electric platform MEA used for EQS/EQE.

You can find here the full test with Mercedes EQA 250



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    Is there a time estimate for when EQA250+ will be available on the European market, specifically Romania?
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