How Many Shots Can a Bulletproof Vehicle Take?

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Businesses that require escorting high-profile guests such as celebrities, executives, and military officers can benefit from armored vehicles. With their bulletproof technology, armored vehicles have gained unparalleled recognition in recent years. The latest technological advancements have made Inkas Armored bulletproof vehicles the new hero of the industry. Today, these vehicles are serving as a great investment option for people who want to break into the security transport field, for carrying, personnel, valuables, and money from one place to another.

Bulletproof cars are generally civilian vehicles that are added with a special mechanism and additional features such as multiple layers of armor plating, and bulletproof glass. These armored cars are designed to appear exactly like regular vehicles so that they can not be distinguished. Now, that you are familiar with the concept and importance of bulletproof cars, it is time for the real question:

How many shots can a bulletproof glass take?

There’s no one-word answer to this question, as it depends on the ability of the vehicle to withstand damage. On the basis of this, bulletproof glass can be categorized into ten different levels. As the glass varies in material, it’s rating for thickness and density also varies at a certain level.

Depending on the level of security and protection that you need, you can select the ideal glass to meet those requirements. Based on the level of the glass protection, you can protect yourself and the passengers from certain threats.

For example, if you want level 1 protection for your vehicle, then no matter the material, it can easily protect you from at least  3 bullets fired from a 9 mm handgun.  Whereas, if you go with level 2 protection then you can protect yourself from a minimum of 3 shots fired from a .357 Magnum.

On the other hand, if you choose level 5 protection then you will automatically have more resistance from the bullets. It can easily withstand a shot from a 7.26 rifle mm round.

If you were to choose level 8 protection then you can easily withstand 5 shots from the same rifle. You must see something like this in movies but now you know that it’s true. Based on the level of security you are looking for in your vehicle, you can choose the desired glass to accommodate those needs.

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The toughest of them all is level 10, which offers the highest level of protection. This glass can withstand a .50 BMG shot from a long-range sniper rifle. However, creating this glass can be incredibly difficult, which is why a material named aluminum oxynitride is used to achieve the level of protection. For more information visit Inkas Armored to know How Many Shots Can a Bulletproof Vehicle Take.