Kim Kardashian Reveals Her Favorite Car and It’s a Mercedes-Maybach S-Class

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Kim Kardashian’s happiness has been a top priority for various dealerships and shops across California for years. She’s a car girl, she says. So they know she’d be pleased with the most potent, luxurious and sometimes extravagant cars out there. Kim K reveals her favorite car in her entire impressive garage. And it’s a Mercedes-Maybach S-Class.

There wasn’t a single factory color or color combo that would have made Kim Kardashian happy with her Maybach sedan. That’s why she asked the help of Platinum Motorsport to turn it grey. This shade has been her favorite recently. She even ended up painting most of her home grey. And this is not the only car in her collection that got this paintwork either.

The Maybach S 580 rolled off the assembly line in black. But it has undergone major changes since it drove through the factory gates.

“My favorite baby ever, ever, ever. I love everything about it.” This is how Kim describes the latest Maybach generation. And that’s a lot coming from her, the owner of a car collection that could, at any time, be presented as a motor show.

The sedan starts at $185,000 in the United States. But considering all the boxes Kim ticked when she ordered the car, only the options amount to more than $100,000, according to Platinum Motorsport.

Experts changed just about everything on the Maybach that belongs to Kim Kardashian

The experts lowered the car, fitted 22-inch custom wheels and painted it grey. Actually, they painted just about everything grey, with radiator grille, three-pointed star logo and wheels included. Only the interior escaped the grey attack. It’s all black. An illuminated logo showed up on the boot lid and they tinted the entire glasshouse.

Kim Kardashian has recently painted her Rolls-Royce Ghost and Lamborghini Urus grey as well.

The Mercedes-Maybach S 580 and the other two grey cars star in the latest Vogue episode.