The new Mercedes models names

New Mercedes names
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Mercedes-Benz wants to rename the range of models in a more consequent order. The ML turn into GLE and this is only the beginning .

Some may be confused by the Mercedes models names right now. And things could get even more complicated with the new SUV range that will expand with different types of SUV coupes (MLC, GLC) or  with the future Baby G (GLB is a possible name).

That is exactly why Mercedes decided to follow a new consistency for naming the models. They made their first move by giving up the CL name, as its successor is called S-Class Coupe.

But the big change will follow. The ML will change name into GLE and the future SUV-coupe based on ML will be called GLE Coupe.


is the future name of ML

The GLE name is only logical and wants to convey it is an SUV in the same class as the E-Class saloon. Mercedes will not cry over ML name too much, as it was a name constrained by the fact that the BMW fussed over the letter M included in the name of the first SUV in the Mercedes history.

Then, one class lower, GLK will turn into GLC to show that is belong to C-Class family. This does not mean that the Mercedes will give away the future SUV GLC coupe based on the next generation of the GLK, but this model will simply be called GLC Coupe. As cabrio versions, coupes will not wear particular names in the future.

Following the same consistency from GLE, GL will be rebranded in GLS to show that is belong to S-Class family and after facelift, SLK will be named SLC to express that is a member of C-Class family.

Also, Mercedes have in plan a small compact roadster based on A-Class platform which will use the name SLA. We heard this name some years ago but now at least the name has more logic.

Here is the list of changes:

GLG the compact off-roader with G-Class look based on MFA/4wd platform of A-Class

SLA future compact roadster based on MFA platform

SLC facelift of SLK

GLC new generation GLK (inclusive GLC coupe)

GLE new name of ML to express that is a member of E-Class family

GLE Coupe new X6 competitor based on ML (vehiculated MLC before)

GLS rebrand of GL to integrate in S-Class family