Mercedes-Benz Actros in the Fuel Duel

The Fuel Duel
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Mercedes-Benz Actros is currently the market leader for heavy-duty trucks in Europe, due to its market-share of 23 percent and over 40% market share in Germany. In this regard, fuel comparison tests were carried out in 20 European countries, using 90 Actros models.

As you might have expected, the reasons behind its great popularity it’s due to its impressive economic efficiency and extremely high level of safety. Furthermore, The Actros demonstrates its fuel savings even when compared to its rivals.

“The Fuel Duel” is basically a name code for around 750 fuel comparison tests conducted in real-life situations and on the road. Mercedes-Benz Actros proved its uncontested advantage concerning the consumption of over 11% on average and, what’s more, it even won more than 90 percent of all duels.

The Fuel Duel is an initiative that was started by Mercedes-Benz Netherlands two years ago and all the Mercedes-Benz vehicles for Fuel Duels have an identical configuration. The driver from the fleet receives careful instructions and it may be accompanied by a professional driver or a member of the Mercedes-Benz staff, then he carries on his usual work with the Actros for two weeks. Moreover, the driver has access to the FleetBoard information through an onboard display. In this way, the driver allows all vehicle data to gives tips on how to achieve an even more economical driving style.

Mercedes-Benz development engineers granted the Actros with safety and economic efficiency, thus ensuring its overall success. On the board, the Actros features 13 “guardian angels”, including the Proximity Control Assist, Stability Control Assist (ESP) and Lane Keeping Assist systems, as well as Active Brake Assist 3.