The Long Journey of the Maybach to Australia

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We’ve got good news for the Australians! The Mercedes-Maybach is on its way there. But there is always some bad news. The journey is going to take a year long. With a price tag of AUD600,000 (410,000 euros), the stretched S-Class version is going to fit in the garages of the billionaireso of the Southern continent by the end of 2015. In Europe, USA and China, it will already be on sale in February 2015.

The price is the base one, as massive potential customization can even make it double, but will turn the Maybach into a personalized executive suite on wheels. However, the Maybach is AUD100,000 (68,000 euros) above the most expensive current S-Class, the S 65L AMG, on customer demand for AUD490,000 (335,000 euros). But still way cheaper than the previous generation of the limousine, that used to cost AUD1 million (683,000 euros), as it was send into the market in 2004 to rival the already world wide sweethearts Rolls Royce and Bentley. 13 of the 2004 limos were sent straight to Australia, until 2012, when the German brand stopped manufacturing it. At least one of the previous customers is expected to order the brandnew Maybach, says the Mercedes-Benz Australia Pacific public relations senior manager, David McCarthy.

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Simultaneously unveiled in both Los Angeles and Guangzhou motor shows, the Maybach  has been stretched by 207 mm over the wheelbase of the long S-Class, but, despite its massive proportions, it is still shorter than the 5840 mm-long Roll Royce Phantom, on sale for AUD853,000 (583,000 euros). Two smart fortwos put head to head would still leave 61 mm to spare.

Will the Maybach eclipse the Phantom?

We don’t know if the Maybach will scare the Phantom off, but we know why a billionaire would choose the hyper-luxurious vehicle instead of an S-Class.

  • Silver-plated and handmade champagne flute glasses for the on-board bar. They are made by Robbe & Berking, silversmiths in Flensburg, Germany. The prestigious company has provided similar silver products for over 200 luxurious yachts and fine restaurants around the world.
  • The German brand’s first-ever sliding Panoramic sunroof with Magic Sky Control. It means that the light can be switched from light to dark and back at the single touch of a button.
  • Ambiental lights around the chrome-plated rotating high-end Burmester loudspeakers, part of the 3D surround sound system, to convey a sense of style and space.
  • Exterior chrome trim around the windows frame. Actually most the glass areas have chrome surrounds in and outside the Maybach.
  • Roller sunblinds for the small triangle window to protect the rear passengers from the eyes of the curious and to keep the sunlight out.
  • Vanity mirrors covered in diamond-quilted leather in the rear. Almost all the interior surfaces of the Maybach are covered in nappa leather, extended to sunblinds, roof grab handle and pillar trim.
  • Piano lacquer flowing lines trim, available from mid-2015. The 0.8 mm wide lines are milled into the wood veneer to emphasize the form using a special “Manufaktur” (hand-finishing) process.
  • Voice amplification technology for communication from the front seats to the back, since Mercedes is expecting a chauffeur to be sitting in the driver’s seat.