World’s most spectacular luxury coach bears the Mercedes-Benz logo

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Mercedes-Benz equals luxury, comfort, safety regardless of the segment the company delivers its products to and regardless of the size of the vehicle. But could the premium company reinvent public transport? Here is the Mercedes-Benz Horizon Liner, the coach of the future.

The digital renders belong to a very talented digital artist that reimagines public transportation. He brands his creation with the three-pointed star logo. The Mercedes-Benz Horizon Liner is a futuristic concept, that has been recently presented by the Fast Car Community YouTube channel. The artist is actually a student of Transportation Interior Design, Janis Ufheil created the model for this Bachelor of Arts thesis.

He received the assistance of EvoBus to create the innovative luxury high-tech coach, that should hit the road by 2030, according to his daring plans.

Mercedes-Benz luxury coach 2

The young artist thus envisions the transport of the future, reimagining means of transportation as lounges on wheels in ten years’ time. The virtual creation features transparent walls made completely of glass.

What is special about the Mercedes-Benz luxury coach?

The vehicle features hydrogen power and is fully CO2 neutral. In can accommodate up to 15 people, depending on the layout. The young artist claims he drew inspiration from the horizon and water surface. The futurism is represented especially by the “horizontalization” feature. What does it actually mean? The cabin is capable of compensation centrifugal forces, inclines and declines during the journey. It is all possible due to electrically controlled balls.

Mercedes-Benz luxury coach 3

Onboard the modular Mercedes-Benz Horizon Liner, passengers can choose how they spend their time during the journey. They can select various interior themes, make use of the high-tech gadgets or relax in the lounge seats.

When parked, the multi-purpose luxury coach becomes a piece of modern architecture. The lounge room provides a wide panorama and also features a rooftop deck.