S 600 Guard: bodyguard on wheels

Mercedes S 600 Guard
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Mercedes launches the bullet-proof version of S 600, called S 600 Guard, which provides protection at the level of the resistance class VR9, the highest cover ever offered by a civil car.

The protection levels are classified in a few categories: from VR4 to VR6/VR7/VR9. The first level of protection, the VR4, resists to large caliber revolver ammunition, but, if you live in conflict areas or you are an important leader of this world, VR4 is not enough. To resist to rifle-fire from military weapons and to splinters from hand grenades, VR6/VR7 and VR9 are recommended.

VR9 is the highest protection level for a civil car

S 600 Guard benefits from the Mercedes experience in building special protection vehicles, meaning that the reinforcement of the base structure is integrated into the bodyshell production stage. Thus, it is almost impossible to tell the difference between the armoured car and the standard one. And, in this situation, discretion is an important advantage. The car offers the same level of comfort, safety and the same roomy interior as the normal version.
Only the boot volume is smaller than that of the normal version. It only has a 350-litre volume, by 160 litres less than the normal version. A part of the volume of the boot is reserved to the fresh air tank, with an autonomy of few minutes, which pumps the air inside, with a pressure a little higher than the atmospheric pressure, in case of irritant gas or chemical weapons attack.

Airmatic, ESP and brakes are adapted to the extra weight of 1,6 tons

The Airmatic suspension, the ESP and the brakes are adapted to the weight increased by 1,6 tons. The air springs at the front are reinforced and additional air springs are used at the rear axle. The brakes have larger discs and front axle brakes use 6-piston brake calipers. Michelin PAX run-flat tyres, with an additional tyre pressure monitoring system, allow fleeing from the danger zone up to a 30 km distance, even with damaged tyres.

The laminated glass window has 5 layers and a weight of about 60 kg

The glass areas are coated with polycarbonate on the inside for splinter protection and have a laminated structure of five layers with a width of about 6 cm. Because every lateral window has a significant weight of aproximately 60 kg, all of them have a hydraulic power system.   Other typical features for an armoured car are a fire extinguisher air system with automatic activation and a panic alarm system, which blocks the doors and allows communication from inside to outside and backwards.

Mercedes-Benz S-Klasse Guard

For the first time, S 600 Guard is offered either with 4 or 5 full seats and all the comfort innovations from the normal model are provided in the bullet-proof version: Chauffeur package with folding and removable seat in the front passenger side and footrests electrically extendable on the front passenger side, Executive seat in the rear on the front passenger side with legrest and cushion bag, Rear Seat Comfort package with multi-contour outer seats, First Class rear suite with a continuous Business console, Warmth Control package or Air balance package.

The S 600 Guard is powered by a 6 litre V12 engine which develops 530 HP and 830 Nm (by 13 HP more than the old version and the same torque). For the first time, the 7G-Tronic transmission is available with a V12 engine. Because of the increased weight, the top speed of 250 km/h of the S 600 standard car was limited electronically down to 210 km/h.

All assistance systems from the standard car are also available in the S 600 Guard: Driver Assistance package Plus with Distronic Plus, Active Lane Keeping and Active Blind Spot Assist, Night View Assist Plus, LED Intelligent Light System and 360 grade camera.

Along with the S 600 Guard, Mercedes offers the most extensive range of  special protection vehicles: E-Class Guard (E 350 CDI, E 350 Guard and E 500 Guard) with the VR4 protection level, G-Class Guard (G 500) with the VR7 protection level, M-Class Guard (ML 350 BlueTec and ML 500) with the VR6 protection level.


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