10 years of Mercedes-AMG Customer Racing. Insights into the production line

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Motorsport and AMG have been interrelated for as long as the brand exists. The Mercedes-AMG Customer Racing is celebrating a decade of performance. 

Plenty of motor racing technology has made its way onto the company’s passengers cars. The latest is the Mercedes-AMG ONE, that carries over the hybrid powertrain of the Formula 1 racing car.

There is also the fastest production car on Nurburgring, the Mercedes-AMG GT R with 6 minutes and 43.616 seconds.

Tomas Jager welcomes Felix Schonhofer, the company’s Product Manager. Felix admits that Tomas was his childhood hero.

The garage is quite e treasure. There is the SLS AMG with its easily recognizable design and gullwing doors. Onboard there is a special safety cell seat that protects the entire body of the pro driver. It was very challenging to convert the street legal car into a lightweight racer.

In 2014, the GT stole the show. The GT3 has made its rounds in motor racing. “Not that dramatically different from the sitting in the GT R or in the GT Black Series. Everything is where you expect it to be”, says Felix Schonhofer. The roaring sound of the 4.0-liter V8 biturbo is quite a fierce call.

With the Black Series, Mercedes upped its game and prepared the future. With a new aero concept and modified engineering and mechanics, the Customer Racing car seems ready for success.

Meanwhile, the Mercedes-AMG GT R, developed in the Green Hell of Nurburgring is currently the Safety Car in Formula 1, in the hands of pro driver Bernd Maylander.

Insights into the Mercedes-AMG Customer Racing production line

The Head of the Mercedes-AMG Customer Racing, Stefan Wendl, invites the viewers to see how the V8 is done, following the famous “One man, one engine” principle. He presents the manufacturing procedure making is sound terribly simple. Magnesium, aluminum, plenty of carbon fiber are the materials with which performance begins.

Everything starts with fitting the powertrain into the chassis along the production line. What is a safety hatch? We can give you a hint before letting you watch the video. It might be life-saving.