107-year old man drives 99-year old fiancee in red Mercedes-Benz SLK

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Joe Newman is 107 years old and is the living proof that age is just a number. He is still very young at heart. He drives his new red Mercedes-Benz SLK, with his fiancée in the passenger’s seat.

Young-at-heart Joe recently renewed his driver’s license. Living in Saratosta, Florida, Joe has to do that every year, according to the United States legislation. To keep his mind and his body busy, he decided to buy the candy-red roadster from his doctor. So here he is, cruising in his hot ride along the Pacific Coast. His story was told by “Inside Edition”.

Michael Schumacher’s Mercedes-Benz SLK is for sale. How much does it cost?

Fiancée Anita, who is soon going to turn 100 years old, is impressed with her 107-year young boyfriend and says he is a good driver. “Of course I am a good driver”, he says with no faux modesty.

The man born in 1913, one year after the Titanic sank, survived two World Wars and, with his late wife Sophie, he worked on programs for developmentally disabled people. He decided to call it a day at 101.

Now, at 107, he chooses another pace for his life. He turns the key in the ignition of his shiny red cabriolet and drives on. “I’d rather keep my eyes closed”, Anita jokes.

“We both agreed that it would be better if she sleeps when I drive”, Joe jokes. He doesn’t even mind staying in the slow lane.