Forged in fire – the Mercedes-Benz S550 puts on Forgiato red wheels

Mercedes-Benz S550
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Aftermarket companies just can’t stay away from what they call “the godfather of the luxury segment”, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. The Stuttgart-made limousine recently got the touch of Forgiato, the aftermarket company that twinkles bright – literally – on the radar of the houses that make cars look more intimidating.

And it is not just wheels that they changed, as they usually do, but also enhanced the looks of the Mercedes-Benz S550, in collaboration with the Los Angeles-based tuner, RBD. They fitted the limousine with a carbon aerodynamic body kit, which includes unique grille inserts, a front spoiler lip, massive side vents, side skirts, a rear boot lid spoiler and a carbon fiber rear diffuser integrating the twin tailpipes.

Forgiato S550 6

All dressed up in the silver suit, the body of the V8-propelled S-Class stunningly contrasts with the red hot 22-inch wheels. “AMG would have a hard time replicating this body kit”, the Forgiato experts claim, praising their partners in makeovers. Not so sure about that, though…

We are all now expecting to see the car with brushed-red wheels in some hip hop video, shot by the Malibu beach and a rapper sporting a gigantic golden chain around his neck behind the wheel of the Mercedes-Benz S550 customized by Forgiato.