The Fastest Taxi in the World is a Mercedes

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669 HP, 783 Nm, adjustable drive train and 340 km/h maximum speed. Daniel Wolf from Germany owns the fastest taxi in the world, according to Auto Bild magazine report.

Auto Bild magazine, the no 1 European car magazine, found the fastest taxi in the world. And it is a Mercedes owned by Daniel Wolf, the boss of Taxi South in Recklinghausen.

Some time ago, Daniel Wolf, 49, increased its fleet with a souped Mercedes C 63 AMG – a childhood dream. The ivory four door C 63 AMG looks like a taxi should, at first sight, but when you look again, you realize that this is not a regular C 63 AMG.

The four exhaust tailpipes, the huge 20 inch wheels with red painted brake calipers and the small carbon fibre aileron give a very sporty look.

But the real change is under the hood, because the enormous 6.2 liter V8 aspirated from the W204 C 63 AMG (457 HP and 600 Nm) got a special treatment. The engine was modified by the Mcchip-dkr tuner, that dramatically increased the power and the torque, by the help of a compressor. The tuned C 63 AMG delivers 669 HP and 783 Nm.

The tuner has also adjusted the engine electronics, which allow the increase of the maximum speed from 250 km/h up to 340 km/h. The tuned Mercedes sprints from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.5 seconds, with 0.5 seconds faster than the series car.

An adjustable Clubsport suspension ensures stable driving dynamics. A ride in the world’s fastest taxi will cost much more than the normal taxi fare. But the superb sound of the V8, which can be controlled by Wolf via a remote controlled flap-system, is for free.

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