Al Pacino drives an SLS AMG in new movie: A car for a rock star!

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An iconic car for an iconic actor! Al Pacino gets behind the wheel of the Mercedes SLS AMG in his latest motion picture “Danny Collins”, where he plays the part of a former rock star who is rediscovering values that he missed in his youth: his family and… a letter from John Lennon himself.

“You don’t surprise a guy at my age. You give me a heart attack”, Al Pacino says to the people gathered for his birthday party. Well, he may be old, because we have been seeing him on the screen since we were kids and so did our parents and even our grandparents. But when he gets behind the wheel of his titanium grey Mercedes SLS AMG, he feels young at heart once again.

Spoiler alert!

After hitting “Last Vegas” together with Morgan Freeman and Michael Douglas, Al Pacino – sorry, the former rock star Danny – is going back to Nevada to get on the stage once more. But the groupies who were young and beautiful are grandmamas right now and throwing sexy lingerie onto the stage is not an option anymore! Danny is also a grandpapa, even though he has never seen his grandchild. He hasn’t even met his own son yet!

Al Pacino SLS

But he tries to charm his way into his grown up boy’s life and shows up in a candy red Mercedes SLS AMG. He must get them out of some hat or something, like in a magic trick! But will magic help him get the family he never had? Well, we’ve done enough spoilers for this motion picture, you will have to check that for yourself. Just one more hint: Pacino does the singing part himself!

Pacino SLS grey2

The man who starred in “Godfather” and got a single Academy Award in his 5-decade career, for “Scent of a Woman”, has quite a shiny armada to play supporting roles: Cristopher Plummer, Annette Benning and Jennifer Garner also show up in “Danny Collins”.