The world is not enough for Mercedes-Benz

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10th of February 2015 is a day that will go down in the history of Mercedes-Benz. As of today, the Mercedes-Benz community counts over 18 million fans from all over the world. And a celebration would be in order. A German journalist set off with a Mercedes-Benz SL 63 AMG to show Cape Town from a very different angle.

A German videographer Jonas Ginter is the one who started the Mercedes-Benz international’s 18 million fans celebration in a strongly visual style. He filmed the SL 63 AMG super car around Cape Town with an “eagle eye” video procedure, to show the gratitude of Mercedes-Benz to the fans from around the globe.

The videographer followed the AMG in a 360 degrees video special effect all around the city and into it, displaying the beauty of the South African shore and of the breathtaking city skyline, at various moments throughout the day. The so-called City Bowl jutting southwards into the Atlantic Ocean is a natural amphitheater-shaped area defined by water and mountains.

“This goes out to all 18 million of you, thank-you, you are truly the best” is the message conveyed by the Stuttgart-based company.

To mark the big event, the official Facebook page of Mercedes-Benz also changed the cover photo. Take a look and maybe click “like”. Over 30 000 people have already done that for the past week!

The video has been shot with a drone and no less than eighteen (does the number sound familiar to you?) GoPro cameras set on three rigs sets, in – what professionals call – “an eagle eye procedure”. All cameras were synchronized so that they started shooting at the exact same time. Afterwards, the videos were stitched together to give the 3D feeling. The music perfectly fits the images, echoing like an AMG symphony.