EVO do what we’d all like to: take the C 63 S and M3 on a track

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This is the kind of stuff that gives kids wet dreams: the two most iconic German sport saloons – the Mercedes-AMG C 63 S and the BMW M3 – fighting it out fair and square on a racetrack.  

There are faster cars out there and also more capable ones, but these two somehow manage to be among those who produce the most spirited talks between their fanboys. And they sure aren’t lacking in those…

EVO decided to try and settle the score once and for all so they took the two cars out on a racetrack and, after the inevitable powerslides, they gave the cars to their version of the tamed racing driver and lapped the circuit in order to find which is the fastest.

I’m gonna keep the suspense going on for a little longer and recommend other reading materials on this subject which you can find here or here.

Or I’m going to spare you the trouble and tell you the Mercedes-AMG C 63 S leads by two to nil. It’s about time the BMW M3 got a little revenge, but how could it against a car that is 80 hp more powerful and looks as good as the new C 63 S does?

Well, this only goes to show you that you shouldn’t take for granted everything the automotive journalists tell you – the same cars and different outcomes, so the only variable here is the people testing them.

EVO tries to be as analytical as possible so they simply take the cars out on a racetrack and time them both. There’s nothing subjective about this. But it’s not bombproof either. If you like a car better, you might be tempted to drive it a little faster. If you’re more accustomed to one of the cars, you might also drive it a little faster, push it a bit further than the other and so the outcome is a bit perverted.

The guys at EVO say the BMW M3 is lighter and more nimble and also deals better with weight loads during corner, so there’s less oversteer. In the end, the gap between the two is 0.7 seconds, which is so marginal it could very well occur due to human error. Anyway, they are undoubtedly both great cars and the choice between them is more often than not a case of personal preferences, but we have to acknowledge that the score is now 2-1.