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Best Mercedes-Benz Ads Ever
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Mercedes-Benz goes for the heart (meaning the engine), the looks (meaning the design), but also for the brains (meaning the marketing). The specialists in the marketing department of the German company have been going over their head to always design the best campaigns. This past weekend, the New Haven dealership in the USA chose the best ads ever made by Mercedes.

In the New Haven dealership vision, creativity and also humour scored big points. So… enjoy the Mercedes-Benz ride. Sorry! The Mercedes-Benz commercials, we mean.

5. We start from the bottom, so here is number 5. It is one of the latest TV ads released by Mercedes-Benz. It happened during this year’s Super Bowl, when 111,5 million viewers, a record in the history of television, could watch iconic cars in the history of the Benz, including the futuristic Biome concept. You must watch it all the way to the end. We guarantee a funny surprise!

4. Then we have the Michael Schumacher loop along the wall of a tunnel. Yes, it does sound like a fairy tale. But it’s a fairy tale with a roar! You can clap like the engineers watching the stunt or you can laugh. Real or not, the sound of the AMG takes your breath away.

3. We reached the podium, there where we can find both Michael Schumacher and Mika Hakkinen. How in the world did Schumacher get to be a „Sunday driver” and why is Hakkinen called a „senior citizen”? Well… you must watch this to find out! Enjoy the winter decor!

2. We’re getting close to the best of them all. In number two, we have „The Best or Nothing” advert. We see an S-Class going through history, right from the moment Herr Karl Friedrich Benz placed the motto on the wall of his factory 127 years ago.

1. And we reached the top! The Germans have the reputation of being serious. But they know how to have a little fun. The Chicken Magic Body Control is designated to be the best ad ever released.

Because you’ve come this far with us, we’re giving you a bonus. A 2011 TV commercial to bring a smile upon your face. Again. If you were having a baby, what driver would you choose to take your wife to the hospital? All right, but what if the wife does not agree? No matter the driver, the car brand is the same. It’s Mercedes-Benz!