Car comes first – Mercedes-Benz advertises for genuine car care products

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What would you do before going on a date? Spend hours in front of the mirror? Trying on all your best cloths? Go for a haircut? Well, a man goes on a date with the woman of his dreams only after washing and polishing his bright red Mercedes-Benz CLA with the genuine car care products.

While his date takes hours to get ready to meet him, he spends hours in his drive way, polishing the candy-red CLA, dusting off the dashboard, polishing every inch of the car.

A facemask for the lady and one for the car. A bit of perfume on her freshly showered skin, a bit of polish sprayed onto the leather that covers the dashboard as well.

But he never minds his own looks. So he goes to her house to pick her up and, as he rings at her door, he is still wearing a checkered shirt, a T-shirt, worn out jeans and sneakers. Will she send him home and tell him that she never wants to see him again? Or will she go on a date with him?

Check out the video to find out!

The one-minute video advertises for the Mercedes-Benz Genuine Car Care Products, claiming that they can make any car catch anyone’s eye. We got that right! But well, don’t count on it! A clean shirt and a tie never killed anyone!