VIDEO: This Mercedes-Benz 280 is a time-travelling machine

Mercedes-Benz 280
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Petrolicious just released a new video in which the Mercedes-Benz 280 makes a rather nostalgic appearance along with its passionate owner, Bernard Bredehorn.

Mercedes-Benz always considered that a certain object cannot be beautiful without being functional. That’s how the Mercedes-Benz 280 W114/115 was born, from the need to improve and break loose from an era of underpowered engines by introducing the brand-new M110 unit.

This new generation made its debut in 1968 and its rather weird design was signed by Paul Bracq. However, star of this video is a restored 1972 Mercedes-Benz 280S/8 (W114), a time capsule which leads directly to Bernard Bredehorn’s childhood.

Besides the happy memories from when his granparents, who lived quite far away, owned a W116 280SE (the predecessor of today’s Sonderklasse), Bernard had a rough time restoring the vehicle to its current state.

For a long time this car sat in a friend’s garage, awaiting restoration, and Bredehorn only saw it when he returned home during school breaks. Each time he returned to it, he had to exhume it from the piles of junk sitting atop the neglected 280.

Finally he was able to take the car apart, do the body work, and get it running even though it turned into a race against his child’s birth and the coming winter. The full story is available in the video below: