Mercedes-Benz USA breaks sales record for January

Mercedes-Benz USA sales
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Determined to start the new year on a high and pick up where they left off in 2014, Mercedes-Benz USA announced record January 2015 sales.

Mercedes-Benz reported a record January sales volume of 24,619, figure that accounts for an 8.9% increase compared to January 2014, when Mercedes-Benz managed to sell 22,604 units.

In addition, Mercedes-Benz USA’s grand total sales volume is propelled even higher by adding a further 1,505 units for Sprinter Vans and 492 units from smart and therefore, achieving its highest January to date with an overall total of 26,616 vehicles, a more-than-visible increase of 9% in comparison to last year’s performance.

Among the volume leaders in Mercedes-Benz’s range the C-Class, E-Class and M-Class models had the most consistent contribution to the overall sales figure.

To support this statement, Mercedes-Benz details that the new C-Class took the lead at 6,236 units sold (up 8.5% from last year), followed by the E-Class  with 4,336 units sold and the M-Class which rounded out the top three with an increase of 11.3% to 3,144 cars sold.

The S-Class had a good evolution in the high-end segment, as it recorded a sales increase of 22.2% to 1,566 units sold in January 2015 alone.