First glimpse: Mercedes-AMG GT Edition 1 prepared for 2014 Paris Motorshow

Mercedes-AMG GT Edition 1
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It shouldn’t be a surprise that the first customers of the long-waited Mercedes-AMG GT will be offered a more exclusive version of the SLS replacement: the GT Edition 1.

Edition 1 means that the german supercar brings something special, which is a fixed rear wing. Of course, along this feature the GT Edition 1 will have minor tweaks of the chassis, so that the driver can feel special on the racetrack, but also specifically tailored upholstery and “Edition 1” badges.

Mercedes-AMG GT Edition 1 - 2014 Paris Motorshow - mercedesblog

The most interesting feature of Mercedes-AMG Edition 1 is the fixed rear wing

The exterior has a number of subtle styling elements. The Mercedes-AMG GT Edition 1 will feature carbon fibre front air ducts and parts of the front bumper and sills. Also, the alloy wheels have a 10-spoke design, while the standard colour for the body appears to be matte-grey.

Mercedes-AMG GT Edition 1 - 2014 Paris Motorshow - front- mercedesblog

Expect a price in excess of 150.000 euros for the exclusive Mercedes-AMG GT Edition 1

Very few units of Mercedes-AMG GT Edition 1 will be sold, so that the exclusivity of the car could justify the extra 10-15.000 euros increase related to GT S. The engine under the hood is the 510 PS variant of the Twin-Turbo V8, that can propel the car to 100 km/h in just 4.0 seconds, while the maximum speed is 304 km/h.