New V-Class Marco Polo: the outdoor office

2014 Mercedes-Benz V-Class Marco Polo
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For this years’s Düsseldorf Caravan Salon, Mercedes-Benz prepared a little surprise for those who want more from the V-Class: Marco Polo camper variant, developed in cooperation with Westfalia.

While the V-Class is suited for long journeys for up to 8 passengers, in a very luxurious atmosphere or an office-like environment, the V-Class Marco Polo has other purposes, mainly related to escaping into the nature. It can accomodate only 4 people, but the main advantage is that all of them can sleep in the car. That’s because Marco Polo has an pop-top roof, which can be used as a tent (when it’s up) and allow two people to sleep on the foam mattress. Which can be folded out of the way to open up standing room in the cabin.

The other two people travel  on the two-seat rear bench, which can be easily transformed into single or double-bed – by pressing some buttons, the fundament part slides via a floor rail system. The individually adjustable backrests are individually adjustable, and the side bolsters are electropneumatically inflatable (they provide support in sitting mode and automaticaly deflate in sleeping mode).

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Not quite a 5-star hotel room, but really close…

V-Class Marco Polo also allow people inside to cook and eat. On the left side there is a kitchen unit, that comprises a dual-burner stovetop, a sink and a little refrigerator, but also several storage drawers and compartments and a folding table, providing eating space for 4 people. That’s why the driver and right passenger’s seats spin at 180 degrees.

The Marco Polo features other camping amenities, such as a fresh water tank, a waste water tank, electric rear ventilation window, even a wardrobe closet or a camping table that slides out from under the back of the bed. There is also a large list of accesories, some of them practical, while others luxurious (e.g. the dark or light yacht deck-style flooring with satin fabric or leather upholstery).

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For those moments when you want to go back to the roots

The V-Class Marco Polo is available in two trims. The first one, Marco Polo, is for the exigent clients, who can choose from three engines, all based on the 2.143 cmc four-cylinder turbodiesel: 136 PS (and an estimated fuel economy of 6 l/100 km), 163 PS and 190 PS. The second one, Marco Polo ACTIVITY, is a more affordable offering and has two additional engines: the 1.598 cmc diesel, in 88 PS and 114 PS variants.

Prices in Germany for the new Mercedes-Benz V-Class Marco Polo start from 54.835 EUR, while the Marco Polo ACTIVITY has a starting price of 38.960 EUR, but has a limited option list.