Mercedes-Benz and Europcar build the Carousel of Dreams in London

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Let your imagination run free! Dream big, because Mercedes-Benz and Europcar joined hands to make your dream come true. The Carousel of Dreams came out of nowhere in the very heart of London, UK.

Launched simultaneously in Australia, Germany, Belgium, Spain, France, Italy, New Zealand, Portugal and UK, the campaign is designed to show that anyone can afford to drive a luxury car.

The car rental company Europcar, together with the premium car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz, have built, in a record time and fighting the unpredictable London weather conditions, the Carousel of Dreams, the very first carousel featuring top of the range Mercedes-Benz vehicles and exclusively aimed at adults. “We made magic happen”, they proudly state. The one-of-a-kind playground is located in Moorgate, London, next to the 150-years old central railway station, and is there to make grownups feel like children again.

No less than five newly released models were lifted on the spinning platform of the carousel. The global experience was immortalized in an almost 50-second video that shows the construction, the revealing and the happiness on the faces of the grownups getting behind the wheel of the stationary vehicles. The A-Class, the C-Class, the E-Class Cabriolet and others are right there!

So if you’re heading to London one of these days, don’t miss it!