Bad boy Lewis Hamilton tamed by a mini-journalist

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Lewis Hamilton has gone through one hour of interview without mocking the reporter, without using Snapchat and without speeding through it. That is because he has met the prettiest and smartest young journalist out there: Chloe is 12 and has a billion brilliant questions for the 3-time world champion.

Lewis Hamilton was simply mesmerized when the little girl showed up:
– I am going to interview you! she said.
– No, you’re not! Hamilton answered in shock, shaking her hand and telling her she had a beautiful smile and lovely hair. Brave Chloe didn’t even blush!

The fastest man in the world on four wheels candidly admitted to Chloe that he was dreaming of becoming a racing driver or Superman when he was a kid. The young reporter left the champ speechless a couple of times:
– Why is the speed of light faster than the speed of sound?
– I don’t know why.
– Why do you call it a pit stop when you don’t even drive into a pit?
– That’s a good question as well, I don’t know. Does anybody know why? he asked for the help of the television staff.
– What happens when you need to go to the toilet during a race?
– I decide to hold it. Why would you want to wee yourself. You’d stink every race!
– Why do my parents told me to save money?
– When you get older, it’s hard in the world to earn good money and you want to be able to buy a house, to enjoy yourself and not struggle.

If you want to find out what is the most important thing in life to the 3-time world champion, check the video of the interview right here!