Drifting in the roundabout – Mercedes C 63 AMG driver goes crazy in the street

United Arab Emirates
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The smell of burned tires? The sound of them screeching on the pavement? The brutal soundtrack of an AMG engine? The Arabians are no stranger to all of these. But drifting a Mercedes C 63 AMG in the roundabout… well, that’s new even to them.

A matte brown Mercedes C 63 AMG upgraded by PP-Performance, was given 557 HP, new exhaust pipes, filters and upgraded ECU. And the owner thought he needed to test all the power that he got. So he took his AMG straight into the street for some drifting.

The reckless driver showed off his skills, relentless of the cars that kept coming. He even performed powerslides behind the local school bus. If anybody was hoping that the police would drop by, that never happened, so the driver stopped when he got bored.

The incident is reported to have happened in the United Arab Emirates, but whether it is in the suburbs of Dubai or Abu Dhabi, it is yet unclear.

We let you enjoy the video that shows the irresponsible driver drifting in the roundabout and urge you not to try this!