Plastic surgery: This is the Hofele Design G-Cross

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The car with the longest life expectancy in the world, the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, has not changed must over its 50-year existence. The interior has been upgraded and moved up from the military to the luxury segment, the technology has been brought to a contemporary level, still the looks remained pretty much the same. But now Hofele Design comes to make a difference.

The car firstly built in 1979 is not much different from models of today, but the one coming out next year might bring a major change. Yet, the enthusiasts of the G-Class boxy design can still enjoy its sharp lines. The perfect off-road machinery has gone through a plastic surgery performed by Hofele Design and now bears the name of G-Cross. The cosmetic changes have targeted both the exterior and the interior of the solid SUV.

Hofele Design G-Cross (4)

On the inside, Hofele Designed wrapped the cockpit in leather, taking luxury and sportiness to a whole different level and fitting it with racing seats.

As for the exterior that is already turning every head in the street, is now even more striking. The diamond grille that was fitted on many other Mercedes-Benz models, but never on the rugged SUV, is now right there, integrated in the front end.

Hofele Design has extended the fender flares using carbon-fiber. Larger wheel housing make room for the 22-inch Hofele Wheels.