Smart fortwo: The smallest car in America feels so big!

The smart reaction, San Francisco
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“Wow, it’s so big!” That was the first feedback of the Americans who got into the smart fortwo for the first time in their lives. The Mercedes-Benz team traveled to San Francisco to give some lucky pedestrians a free ride in the electric drive.

The Mercedes-Benz team invited just about any pedestrian they met out in the street to step into their tiny car. They had the chance to experience the minuscule fortwo in one of the biggest cities in the United States, San Francisco. Enjoy their reactions when they first met the itsy-bitsy smart, while riding along the Pacific coastline, with the famous Alcatraz prison in the distance!

“Never been in a smart car before”, “It’s way bigger than I thought!”, “I love it!” or the very simple and conclusive “Wow!” were the people’s feedback right after taking a seat in the smallest car Mercedes has ever built. They never thought that the smallest car that ever set foot (or wheel) in America could ever feel that big and provide space even for stretching. You get into a smart when you get into it, the Mercedes-Benz team says.

But there is a new kid in town! Cuter and wider and more friendly user, they say. The brand new smart is ready now for the streets of San Francisco and every single metropolis where parking space is something to be treasured. The smart is about riding in style. A minimalist design and safety features that keeps it strong against the muscle cars of the US, like the Mustang and the Camaro.

We are not the ones to take the smart to the U.S., but instead, we put the smallest car to the test up against the House of Parliament, the biggest political building in Europe. Click here to enjoy the ride in Bucharest, the city caught between capitalism and traditionalism.