Mercedes-AMG – the shuttle service for the Kempinski Hotels

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If you’re staying in a luxury hotel, there is no way you are going to get there by cab. Mercedes-AMG is just changing your plans.

The performance division of Mercedes teamed up with luxury hotel chain “Kempinski Hoteliers since 1897”. Now the hotels’ customers benefit from an exquisite shuttle service and transfers to dinner, to theater and to business appointment in the backseat of the cars built in Affalterbach.

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Various Mercedes-AMG supercars will be picking the clients up and taking them, fast and safe, to their destination. The 510-horsepower Mercedes-AMG GT supercar, the elite limousine S 63 AMG and the G 63 AMG power SUV are three of them. As you might have guessed, each vehicle will match the personality of the hotel. For sure, the more remote locations will be reached on board the Gs.


The customers will also be granted drive tests and VIP treatment onboard the AMGs.

For the moment, none of the two partners in this alliance of luxury mentions if the cost of the drive test or that of the shuttle service is included in the accommodation fee or has to be purchased separately.

Kempinski Hotels is currently operating 75 five-star hotels in no less than 30 countries. The Berschtesgaden Kempinski hotel, one of the 10 locations in Germany, is on the list. See how you can get there. No, drop that map, you don’t need it! A G 63 AMG will pick you up at the airport!