Any way the wind blows – The Mercedes-AMG GT R in the wind tunnel

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The wind-blow makes it a mind-blower! The street-legal race car Mercedes-AMG GT R combines aerodynamics and design elements in a way that sets the car on the road with the lowest wind resistance possible.

It took two years to finish the Mercedes-AMG GT R’s patented active underbody aero system of the Mercedes-AMG GT R. Countless tests and tries led to this: a system that reduces front drag and lift, increases air speed under the car, decreases pressure and does that all without affecting the rear end’s aerodynamics. “It’s the masterpiece of the car,” says head of aerodynamic development division of AMG, Gustavo Estrada. He is the man to explain how it all happens for the GT R, the most powerful street-legal car ever built in Affalterach.

Mercedes-AMG GT R (22)The entirely new aerodynamic profile, almost invisible in the front section of the underbody, automatically descends at a speed of 80 km/h to improve air flow. It hence generates the Venturi effect, which practically “sucks” the car onto the road and reduces lift on the front axle by around 50% at maximum driving speed.

The double rear diffuser is designed to optimize air flow which increases the stability of the rear axle. The angle of the prominent rear wing can be adjusted and hence adapted to the needs of the driver.

The active air control system includes vertical louvers behind the air intakes in the front apron are controlled electronically. They open only when they are needed to and only need approximately one second to close back.  When closed, the fins reduce drag and direct the air towards the underbody.

For further details, check out he video below, with the Mercedes-AMG GT R performing in the wind tunnel!