reader catches a Mercedes-Benz GLC

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We’re still one month away from the official launch of the new Mercedes-Benz GLC, but a very tenacious reader of the website sent in these shots of a GLC prototype.

The outgoing GLK will be dearly missed. Its boxy shape will leave a boxy blank space in the Mercedes-Benz range that the rounded GLC will have a hard time filling. It will be larger, so it’s not a matter of size, but the G-Class connection will be forever lost for the medium sized SUV.

As the name suggests, the GLC will be based on the current C-Class generation rendering the SUV larger than the GLK, whose baby-SUV role has been taken up by the smaller GLA. The C-Class influence is more than obvious on the inside, where the dashboard has been virtually carried over as it is on the medium sized sedan.

The car you can see in the images caught by a guy called Alexander looks like a production-ready prototype wearing minimal camouflage, allowing us to clearly see the Mercedes-Benz GLC’s plumpy shape. The car looks like a larger and fatter GLA, with the rear of a miniaturized Porsche Cayenne. The silhouette is a far cry from the sculpted GLK, but I guess the market studies showed a curvier body would be more appealing to the masses.

Lacking a polarizing filter, we get to see more of the German rural surrounding architecture than we would have liked when he tries to capture the interior of the Mercedes-Benz GLC, but it’s enough to get the picture: more of the same. If the compact class has employed the copy-cat method for the dashboard, the medium sedan and SUV appear to follow suite.

If you can’t wait until the 17th of June, you can go over to the website for the rest of the pictures.