Mercedes C-Class EV debuts in 2026 and will have also an AMG version

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The Mercedes C-Class EV will debut in 2026 on the MB.EA medium platform and will also have an AMG version.

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Mercedes is missing out on one of the most important electric model segments, the mid-size class. The Stuttgart-based automaker had the Mercedes EQC for a brief period, between September 2019 and July 2023, in this segment, but the mid-size electric SUV was built on the basis of the former GLC with 400V technology.

In this segment, the Tesla Model Y and Model 3 did not have a real competitor for a long time, but now Mercedes wants to change that.

MB.EA platform for all rear-wheel drive-based electric models

After failing to succeed with the EQE/EQS and their SUV derivatives due to inflated prices and the 400V EVA II platform, Mercedes has rethought its strategy. It has dropped the MB.EA large platform and will focus on the MB.EA medium platform.

The MB.EA platform uses 800V technology to offer much faster battery charging, an eATS 2.0 drive system from the EQXX concept, a silicon carbide inverter to reduce losses when switching from DC to AC, and a 2-speed gearbox on the rear engine.

The first model to debut on the MB.EA platform will be the new Mercedes C-Class EV in 2026. It will be around 4.70 meters long and available in versions with one engine on the rear axle or two engines, one on each axle. The top model will be an AMG version.

Three volume body, inspiration from CLA Concept, front grille from EQS facelift

The AMG version has a lip spoiler on the trunk lid. Although the rear window is steeply raked, the Mercedes C-Class EV is a three-volume limousine with a classic trunk like the EQE and no hatch like in the case of the EQS.

It will boast a very good Cx and will take design cues from the CLA Class concept unveiled at the Munich Motor Show in fall 2023. Thus, we expect the headlights and taillights to take the new Mercedes starlight signature from the CLA Class concept. Instead, the radiator grille will be similar to the Mercedes EQS facelift with the logo included in the radiator grille. Although initially, in the first spy shots, the door handles were classic, they will be integrated into the body for better aerodynamics.

So far there’s no information about the interior, but it looks like the Mercedes C-Class EV will take the dashboard layout from the EQXX and CLA Class with a narrow and long display that will span the entire width of the dash.

The Mercedes C-Class EV is the second electric Mercedes after the new CLA EV that will no longer have the EQ particle in its name. The Mercedes CLA EV will launch in the fall of 2024, based on the MMA multi-drive platform. The Mercedes C-Class EV will be produced at plants in Bremen, Germany, and Kecsement, Hungary.

Later, another model will follow, the electric version of the GLC, which will be called the Mercedes GLC EV.



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