The Mercedes-EQC 4×4² shows off with its off-road capabilities

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Whoever said that electric cars are incapable to manage in the off-road must have never heard about the Mercedes-EQC 4×4². The motorized project makes its debut off the tarmac in a video posted by the car maker on its YouTube channel.

The Mercedes-Benz engineers have taken the famous Swabian inventive spirit to the next level in order to show everyone that any obstacle is actually a chance.

“I’ve learned to transform obstacles into chances”, says youngest World Champion in Pro-Women Wakeboarding, Sanne Meijer. She is the one that shows up in the videoo, plaing on the same team with the portal axle electric SUV. “To appreciate them and not only to overcome them, but to do so in style”, she says while free-styling with her board.

The adventure continues by night, when the three-pointed star logo of the Mercedes-Benz EQC 4×4² glows in the dark and so does the rope that anchors the athlete onto the car.

A pro driver on an enclosed course tackles water, mud and rocky terrain and Mercedes warns amateurs: “Don not attempt!”.

The Mercedes-EQC 4×4² is not the first portal axle car of the company

The extravagant Mercedes-EQC 4×4² is by no means the first portal axle vehicle of the premium car maker. The Mercedes-Benz G500 4×42 and the E-Class All-Terrain 4×42 project join the exclusive club of the luxury high-rides.

The Mercedes-EQC 4×4² is just a concept for the moment. But considering the past, Mercedes might end up building a series production model. The off-road EQC gets the ground clearance raised from the standard 140 millimeters to 293 millimeters, being 23 millimeters higher than the standard G-Class itself. That is more than twice the ground clearance of the standard EQC.

The car boasts a fording depth of 400 millimeters. The model wears 20-inch wheels with 285/50 R20 tires, that put it even further from the ground.