Mercedes R-Class revival as electric SUV coupe Mercedes-AMG GLR with over 1,000 HP

Mercedes R-Class revival with electric power
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Mercedes plans to revitalize the R-Class crossover in the form of an electric coupe SUV under the umbrella of the AMG division, informs the British magazine Car. It could be called Mercedes-AMG GLR and could have over 1000 HP being planned for 2025.

Ola Kallenius, the new head of Daimler, announced in a presentation the Mercedes strategy Update from October 2020 the intention to electrify the AMG, Maybach and G-Class ranges.

This means that the AMG range will include EQ models. The British magazine Car revealed that Mercedes is planning to develop a successor to the R-Class. It could be called Mercedes-AMG GLR but since it had only electric propulsion it is possible that the name is Mercedes EQR.

Car magazine assumes that the future GLR or EQR will have the format of GLC and changed proportions with a more compact front, considering that there is no thermal engine in front.

Mercedes EQR or Mercedes-AMG GLR will be based on the new EVA electric platform for Mercedes’ executive and luxury class models. In this way we can estimate some data about the propulsion: a 105 kWh battery without rare metals, with the possibility of charging at 350 kW stations, 800 V network, three electric engines with 250 kW each for a total of 1020 HP and 1350 Nm. A two-speed gearbox will work on the rear axle. The e-drive system is developed in house by Mercedes.

Mercedes strateguy Update conference new propulsion system

The new Mercedes-AMG GLR or EQR super SUV is planned for 2025.

Until then, we know that in 2021 Mercedes will launch no less than  four electric models on the EVA platform (EQS, EQE, EQ GLE and EQ GLS) but also two compact electric SUVs on the conventional MFA II platform: EQA and EQB. Later, compact models will be developed on a dedicated electrical platform called MMA that will be launched in 2025.

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Source: Car magazine


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