New MMA electric platform for compact and mid-size platform

A second dedicated electric platform
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Ola Kallenius, Chairman of the Management Board of Daimler AG and Mercedes-Benz AG announced the new Mercedes strategy for electrification at a virtual investor and analyst conference titled »Mercedes-Benz Strategy Update« on October 6, 2020. The big news is the MMA electric platform dedicated to compact and mid-size models.

Mercedes intensifies its electrification plans and announces for the first time a second electric platform. The new MMA electric platform will be dedicated to compact and middle class models.

Until now, Mercedes had announced the EVA electric platform for the executive and luxury class models on which the EQS (S-Class electric counterpart), EQE (E-Class electric counterpart), EQS SUV (GLS electric counterpart) and EQE SUV (GLE’s electric counterpart) are currently being developed.

At the same time, the Mercedes EQC is built on a conventional platform derived from that of GLC and the future Mercedes EQA and Mercedes EQB that will be presented soon are also developed based on conventional MFA II platform.

In the future, these compact and mid-size models will be developed on the new MMA platform.

Thus, in a few years, Mercedes will have two separate electrical platforms:
– MMA for all compact and middle class electric models whether we are talking about limousines or SUVs
– EVA for all executive  and luxury class electric models whether we are talking about SUVs or limousines.

In 2021, Mercedes will have 5 electric models and 20 PHEV models so that in 2025 it will reach 10 electric models and 25 PHEV models. In 2030, plans are for the range to include 20 electric models and 25 PHEV models.