Official: Mercedes EQS promises a 700-kilometer WLTP range

Mercedes EQS (2021)
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At the general meeting of Daimler shareholders, Daimler president Ola Kallenius announced that the new Mercedes EQS will have a 700 km WLTP range. Auto motor und sport presents new photos with less camouflage of the luxury four door coupe Mercedes EQS.

Photo: Auto motor und sport

The EQS is positioned as the Mercedes S-Class with electric propulsion. Michael Kelz, head of development of Mercedes EQC, presents the brand’s electrification plans: “We will have an electric car that is without a doubt on the same level as an S-Class, but it will not be an S-Class.”

Mercedes EQS will be a luxury car that will position itself at the top of the EQ range. Unlike the next generation BMW 7 Series which will have electric propulsion on the conventional body, it is obvious that the new S-Class will not have a purely electric version, this role will return to Mercedes EQS.

Mercedes EQS on the MEA platform

Presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show in the autumn of 2019, the Mercedes EQS will be built on the new MEA electrical architecture (internal code EVA II). Mercedes EQS is the first EQ model on the new MEA platform because the Mercedes EQC SUV is built on a conventional MRA platform derived from GLC .

But before the Mercedes EQS appears in 2021, Mercedes will launch this year the new Mercedes EQA and EQB, which are two compact electric SUVs based on GLA and GLB being built on the front-wheel drive MFA II platform and not on the MEA. Both models will have more than 400 km WLTP range.

For the first time, through the voice of Ola Kallenius, Mercedes promised a range of 700 km WLTP for the new Mercedes EQS based on a new Li-Ion battery and a very good aerodynamics. Mercedes is known for the very good aerodynamics of its models. With a smaller front surface than an SUV, the range of the Mercedes EQS is expected to be better than that of the Mercedes EQC.

Mercedes new models 2020-2023

However, Kallenius’ statement is quite optimistic because the Tesla Model S is not an SUV  and has also a very good aerodynamics but does not reach the range announced by Mercedes. The basic model of the Tesla Model S with 421 hp and 100 kWh battery has a range of 610 km WLTP. Mercedes promises almost 100 km more in the conditions in which we believe that the power of the basic EQS model will be slightly higher than the 408 hp of the Mercedes EQC and the battery cannot be much bigger than 100 kWh.

The German magazine motor motor und sport presents new spy photos with the EQS electric luxury coupe in which the rear part has less camouflage. For the first time you can see the huge tailgate that includes the rear window and extends to the roof.

Mercedes EQS spy photos 2021

The coupe-like roof shape and the flat windshield are clearly visible. The four-door has a slightly curved lower window line and the outside mirrors are on the door sill.

The windows are frameless like is normal for a luxury four door coupe. We can see also the short front overhang while the narrow headlights extend far into the fenders. The closed radiator grill is placed very low and then the line of the body climbs almost seamlessly up to the large glass panoramic roof.

 The Mercedes EQS will be built in Sindelfingen, in the same place with the new Mercedes S-Class and is an important pillar of the future Mercedes electro-mobility.

Mercedes will invest more than 10 billion euros in electro-mobility by 2022 and the future EQ models will be built in many Mercedes factories. Mercedes EQC is built in Bremen, Mercedes EQA will roll off the assembly line in the modernized plant from Rastatt, while EQS will come from Sindelfingen.
Other plans include a luxury electric SUV as a competitor for Tesla Model X. Mercedes will have in 2022 ten purely electric cars.

Source: Auto Motor und sport 


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  • Homershk says:

    It seems only FISKER was able to convert a spectacularly looking prototype into a 95% similar production model. I drive TESLA for 3 years now and was really eying the EQS, as the prototype design is fantastic/futuristic.
    But it seems the engineers went for shortcuts and made a conventional looking model yet again.
    Disappointing! No longer interested.

    • Razvan Magureanu says:

      Dear sir
      We also have a rendering of the EQS which looks like a more conventional car. But we are not 100 percent sure that this is the car and for this reason we did not publish. The first official Mercedes camouflated pictures are far away from the concept presented at 2019 Frankfurt motor show but also looks different from aerodynamically point of view of that if current W223 S-class. The EQS will be released in August 2021 and the first official pictures will come probably earlier so we do not have to expect too much to see it.