The GLC Coupe Concept bears the ultimate headlights

Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe Concept
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Now don’t get all excited. The car is just a concept, so the headlight is a concept just as much. We know, easier said than done. Ok, let’s all get excited!

Mercedes-Benz is taking vehicle lighting to a whole new level. What the GLC Coupe Concept is sporting, at both ends of its twin-blade grille, looks pretty much like one of the robotic superheroes in Transformers, taking the weapon out, aiming and getting ready to shoot. The high-tech LED headlights are meant to define the ultimate innovation of the Concept GLC Coupe and to meet the future standards of vehicle lighting.

Mercedes-Benz-GLC Concept Coupe

The sharp bullet-shaped headlights feature various functions, some of which we may have never heard before. The triple-projector light units of the GLC Coupe Concept are slimmer than those of the GLC.

The daytime running lights and the turn indicators use the upper strip inserts, while three rotating lenses adapt to different driving situations to illuminate the road.


There is a terrestrial scan with infrared to detect obstacles and possible dangers and the three blue lenses can spectacularly turn each at a time.

And as the beat slams, the turn indicator winks.


After such an entrance, the GLC Coupe Concept rear end is definitely not to disappoint. The LED taillight design takes styling cues from the headlights, with the strips up top housing the turn signals, as a circular rear light wraps around a central lens to provide maximum visibility.

We wouldn’t expect anything else anyway. Please, meet the future!