Mercedes-Benz S-Class facelift flashes its new digital lights in sensational video

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The Mercedes-Benz S-Class facelift is set to take over the position of the E-Class sedan, being the world’s smartest limousine ever built. Besides the computerized “brain” that will automatically guide the luxury liner through corners and roundabouts, the S-Class 2018 is set to receive an innovative digital lighting system.

The LED lights with permanent high-beam of the S-Class facelift will reduce the their intensity in order not to dazzle the incoming traffic participants, whether trucks, automobiles or bicycle riders, but this is a feature that has already found room in the latest E-Class. Apart from that, the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class shall borrow the pedestrian crossing projection function from the autonomous driving concept, F015 Luxury in Motion. The system will identify pedestrians, will indicate when it is safe to cross the street and will display a virtual zebra crossing on the pavement.

Based on a radar and navigation system and with the assistance of a laser, the digital lighting system will also project the traffic signs and predict bends, also indicating the distance to them on the asphalt.

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