The long-awaited and hotly-anticipated 4-door Mercedes-AMG GT is inching closer to its debut set to take place in a month’s time in Geneva. But as we have already grown used to it, the premium car maker is making the wait easier teasing the car about to star at the year’s first European car show.

So here it is, heavily camouflaged, braving the winding roads, so that the engineers can take the final notes and add the final touches. For the moment, Mercedes is promoting it with quite a confusing name, Mercedes-AMG GT Coupe, after the same designation has been used for the 2014-born 2-door vehicle.

4-door Mercedes-AMG GT teased (2)

Three photos have been released by Mercedes, one of them being shot from another camouflaged car, but they bring no new details, since the prototypes caught testing looked pretty much the same. Recently, a red version has been caught by an amateur spy revealing much more.

Yet we can guess the already familiar wide radiator grille, that will most likely be a Panamericana, and the massive inlets in the front fascia.  The short pillars and the plunging roof confirm its coupe DNA. The spy shots hint to an active spoiler deployed from the rear, probably being automatically engaged at high speeds.

Inside the sedan, a luxury and sporty ambiance will find room, together with the company’s latest high-tech assistance systems. It has not yet been confirmed whether the brand-new MBUX infotainment system, that made its debut with the A-Class and was also fitted in the new Sprinter, will be on-board. There will surely be the digital instrument panel and infotainment screen united beneath a glass surface, following the brand’s interior lines.

4-door Mercedes-AMG GT teased (1)

Rumors have it that, underneath the elongated bonnet of the 4-door Mercedes-AMG GT, there will be the company’s 4.0-liter biturbo V8 developing more than 600 horsepower, like in the E 63 S. Later on, a more potent possibly plug-in hybrid with around 800 horsepower will join the ever-extending family of the AMG GTs.

We will know all the details in less than a month. Stay tuned!