Rare Mercedes-Benz CL 700 AMG for sale. How much does it cost today?

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This is one of the rarest cars Mercedes ever built. Only two survived and this is one of them. This Mercedes-Benz CL 700 AMG is now for sale with an exciting background.

The seller claims that it was made according to the specifications of the Sultan of Brunei. True or not, one thing is for sure. Greenoaks of Maidenhead delivered the car to the Sultan’s residence in Berkshire, United Kingdom. No one knows nowadays if the Sultan ever got his hands on the steering wheel, nor if he ever traveled by this car.

The Mercedes-AMG CL 700 AMG rolled off the assembly line in 1998. It features a very exclusive Designo LCP paintwork. The chameleonic paint provides either dark blue or green shades, depending on the angle of view or light it is in. Xenon lights, a glass sunroof, heated seats with memory and the Parktronic feature are all on the list.

The color theme continues inside with a Designo black leather, with minor marks of aging, with green inner panels.

The Mercedes-Benz CL 700 AMG comes with a V12 engine

A 7.0-liter V12 engine operates under the hood, taking quite a lot of space. When new, it developed 500 horsepower and 720 Newton meters of torque, impressive figures for its time.

There are also AMG exhaust, suspension, brakes and body kit. The CL 700 AMG runs on 19-inch alloy wheels.

The 23-year old performance saloon underwent a restoration. Engineers needed to actually rebuild the engine, replace the brakes and the front suspension. The wheels received a refurbish that made scratches disappear.

The odometer shows 63,598 miles (102,351 kilometers). After the AMG left the Sultan’s garage, it had two more owners. Today it is for sale for 89,995 pounds ($125,269). That is half of the price from 23 years ago, but still a great figure for a car that is waiting for its quarter of a century.