The Train-like E-Class

E-Class by Binz
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Is it a snake? No, it doesn’t have any scales. Is is a yacht? Nope, it’s not floating. Is it a train? Could be, if it had a locomotive. After all the wrong guesses, we can say it is a Mercedes Benz E-Class, build my the German coachbuilder Binz.

A mid-size saloon turned into a 6-door Train-like E-Class. It was the idea of the German coachbuilder Binz, specialized in auto conversions. Binz is already accustomed to the E-Class platform. They have been reworking it since the 1960s.

Their latest piece of work is the W212-body E-Class, a 6-door and 8-seat limousine (it can also be a 6 or a 7-seater, according to the client’s request and the seats can be positioned backward or forward), quite convenient for diplomatic missions and hotels luxury commuting. Of course, this is not your usual road trip ride.

The long E-Class can have 6, 7 or 8 seats, according to customer demand

The long E-Class can have 6, 7 or 8 seats, according to customer demand

The saloon has been stretched by 1100 mm to 5,979 m, while the wheelbase has been elongated from 2,873 m up to 3, 985 m, so finding a parking spot for the motorized giant might cause a little bit of a headache.

For further plush accommodation, Binz can install consoles between the middle and rear seats, with a multi-zone climate control system for all three passenger rows. The Binz E-Class will be available in E220, E250 CDI, E350 4MATIC and E500 versions. There will not be an AMG version of the train-like E-Class.

For the extra doors and extra seats, Binz added some extra 250 kg. It doesn’t seem much, all thanks to the fiber-reinforced composite materials used to keep a low weight, but of course, not a low profile!

Train-like E-Class

Binz can customize the Mercedes train-like E-Class to fit any request

Started almost 80 years ago, the Binz brand has been a partner of Daimler. The company’s poftofolio includes over 1000 vehicles, among which S-Class and G-Class conversions. Prices start at about 50 000 euros and can go up to few hundred thousand euros.