S Guard in Crocodile Leather: See You Later, Alligator!

Mercedes-Benz S Guard
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See you later, Alligator, in a Mercedes-Benz! We’ve seen designer bags and branded shoes in crocodile leather. But filling up a car cockpit with the precious reptile skin is quite… stunning. Well, it happened for a Mercedes-Benz S Guard W222 in Russia.

Exotic and extravagant! This is how we could call the Mercedes-Benz S Guard with the interior all wrapped up in crocodile leather upholstery in tones of beige and navy, completely customized by TopCar. As much as the Russian owner would love to call it unique, it is not. This is not the first time the local aftermarket house TopCar is doing this. Back in 2012, they did the same to an S-Guard of the previous generation.

S Guard in crocodile leather

The crocodile leather upholstery in tones of beige and navy

Based on the S600 version and certified for the highest ballistic protection in the restitance class VR9, the S-Guard pictured here is powered by a V12 6-liter twin-turbo engine and it delivers 530 HP and 830 Nm.

Nothing less than the best for the bulletproof Benz, as the car that even has the floor in reptile leather, can withstand arm fire and even gas attacks. It has its own fresh air tank in the trunk! An extra steel layer placed between the body shell and the outer skin and heat-resistant synthetic fibres protect the passengers against splingerting.

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The palace like interior with predator skin includes wood trims in soft colors, LED 8-inch screens in the front headrests, another 15.6-inch HD screen dropping from the ceiling, diamond stitching and even an ice bucket. The occupants can relax while drinking the finest wine, as the car can run 30 kilometers away even with damaged tires. If things are starting to get really bad i the S Guard in crocodile leather, they can simply activate the panic alarm system. They just need to be careful not to spill any red wine on the beige crocodile upholstery!

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