The Rainbow Benz

Mercedes-Benz S550
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Oh, no! Why would anybody do this to an S-Class? The symbol of sobriety and high-class looks like a rainbow after just coming out of the hands of the Vossen Wheels and MetroWrapz experts.

Hopefully, what happens in… Miami, stays in Miami! On the East Coast of the United States, the premier wheel manufacturer, Vossen Wheels, teamed up with MetroWrapz, to brag about their Renntech-made bling-bling Mercedes-Benz S550, equipped with a 4.7 liter V8, all wrapped up in 3M reflective vinyl and lit up with UV light. It bears a hint of the Miami flare, the so-called artists claim, after having stuck random jazzy stripes on the body of the limousine.

Rainbow Benz

Everything happened in Wynwood Art District, a neighborhood of Miami, Florida. No less than 70 galleries, five museums, three art studios and three art compounds, are permanently hosted there. Old-style, new-style or no-style artists showcase paintings, sculptures, drawings, photographs and, as we can see, cars. About 100 000 street-walkers see their work throughout the week of the art, at mid December.

Showcasing the S550 covered in a wrap out of this world, that is not ready to accept it just yet, the Vossen Wheels tell the fans of the reputed Mercedes-Benz seriousness not to panic: “It’s just a wrap up, it’s not forever.” The Mercedes-Benz S550 glowing in the dark sits on large concave wheels provided by… who else, but Vossen?

Rainbow Benz

How it all started in Miami

The Wynwood Art District Association was founded in 2003 by a group of art dealers, artists and curators. The Association created The Second Saturday’s Gallery Walk, designed the Man-hole cover logo, along with the light banners that hang on street corners and publishes an annual, guide listing the Association’s members together with their work.

Ever since 2003, every second Saturday of each month, an Art Walk of the artists’ community takes place. All galleries, art studios, alternative spaces and showrooms open their doors to the public for art and show. The rainbow Benz S550 was one that knocked every body out. Not necessarily in a positive way though!

Rainbow Benz