Nico Rosberg is returning to racing, but it’s not Formula 1

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Former Formula 1 champion Nico Rosberg is returning to racing, but it is not Formula 1 that he is now considering. The German is tempted to get behind the wheel of a Formula E racing car.

12 months have passed since Rosberg has shocked the world of motor racing with his retirement announcement right after winning the World Championship. Spending a few days in Hong Kong for publicity reasons and to attend the 2017-2018 season opener, the F1 champion told reporters that his very much intrigued with the green racing branch.

“I’m open to explore, so let’s see what the possibilities are, but I’m definitely interested. I know quite a lot, I have been following it. It has an amazing future, a great future”, Robserg said, who soon after that turned around 360 degrees, in a statement for “The Telegraph”: “No, I don’t miss racing, for me it is really done. I’m totally fulfilled and I am really excited about these new steps that I am doing now.”

For the past couple of years, Formula E has gained territory in the world of motorsport, standing as a major testing and development laboratory for the electric technologies transferred in road cars. Alain Prost is already active in Formula E and it only seems a matter of time until Nico Rosberg joins him. Still under publicity contract with Mercedes-AMG Motorsport, the squad is involved in the eco racing.