Lewis Hamilton scares the hell out of a tiger

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Lewis Hamilton has the reputation of being bold and having an insane lifestyle. The coolest cars, the most attractive women and the most extravagant aircraft and home. But this is too insane even for the 3-time world champion. The animal rights organisation has slammed the champ for using wild animals for his own amusement.

During the summer shutdown, the Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS driver visited The Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation in Mexico. Lewis Hamilton was not satisfied with staying out and watching the big cats from behind the glass window.

His penchant for making bold decisions in the fast lane apparently goes way beyond the racetrack. The Brit sneaked up on a tiger and the feline’s heart must have skipped a beat. Now we know how other drivers must feel when they see Hamilton in the rear view mirror, sneaking up on them from behind.


The foundation’s reps have mentioned that the tiger he played with was not even trained, nor tranquilised, just extremely friendly. Strangely, the name of the tiger is Nicole. Pretty much like Nico (Rosberg), his on-track teammate and rival, but identically like the name of his former girlfriend, Nicole Schertzinger.

Anyhow, the controversial videos have put Hamilton under fire, as the animal rights organisation PETA called his actions „far more foolish than tangling with Nico Rosbeg”. Well, he might need those finger to shift gear and those feet to work the pedals, so he’d better keep them out of the tigers’ and leopards’ mouths.