Mission Mercedes Metris Has a Winner!

Mercedes-Benz Metris / Vito
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RENNtech Wins the 2014 SEMA Mercedes Metris Van Concept Challenge and DJvan was the 13th highest trending topic in the US on Twitter last month.

Mercedes-Benz is preparing to introduce the Vito to the United States around late 2015. Until now, its name is Metris. It will be offered in commercial and passenger versions, but probably only in a rear-wheel-drive. And not a Freightliner badge.

The minivan segment has seen an over 9% sales increase this year in the United States. When it arrives in the U.S. showrooms, it will be a great moment for the German manufacturer. In Europe, the Vito is not competing against Ford or Fiat, but, in the New World, it will be facing theirs Americanized versions. It is still early, so the prices have not been revealed yet. Also, Mercedes-Benz hasn’t said a word about the Metris/Vito engines that will be available in the United States and don’t expect the Mercedes-Benz V-Class to make its way into the States too soon.

For the 2014 Mercedes Benz Metris Concept Challenge, over 2,000 photo entries captured from the 2014 SEMA Show four vans. RENNtech was up against three other Metris van concepts, including a fire chief van, a golf van and an ultimate luxury edition van. These concepts were visible on Mercedes Benz social media sites for the public to vote.


“Our unique concept, social media campaign and loyal following helped to skyrocket our vote tally and DJvan became the 13th highest trending topic in the US on Twitter in that week!” said an RENNtech official. Theyr’s concept van features a custom designed wide body kit with ambient lighting, fully opening roof with LCD TV displays and laser light show, integrated smoke machines, adjustable air ride suspension, 22″ wheels, high powered concert audio system and a whole lot of top-of-line DJ equipment to bring the party to the next level! Established in 1989 by Hartmut Feyhl, RENNtech has evolved and grown from humble beginnings into the foremost authority on luxury automobile performance tuning. RENNtech has developed high-performance products for virtually all Mercedes-Benz AMG vehicles (including the commercial Mercedes Sprinter van and SMART vehicles). Some of the most notable among these are the 200 mph RENNtech E7.4RS in 1996 and the 2006 “Chrome SL” show car, project entirely covered in chrome.

World Motorsports and RADO

Another concept was signed by World Motorsports and RADO, they teamed up to bring this Mercedes Metris Fire Chief truck to life. The Fire Chief truck has a lot of weight added to it so the performance was maximized to perform much better than the stock requirements. The engine horsepower (+53 HP) and torque (+152 ft. lbs or 206 Nm) has been improved by the addition of a larger turbocharger and cooling was handled via a larger front mount intercooler.  By adding some racing brake and suspension components the car handles great and stops much quicker than the stock van. The 255/30ZR20 tires were a must.


The third concept van has been created by Garmin automotive OEM group. The Garmin concept features a mobile pro shop that is integrated into the cargo area of the van. Custom shelving and display racks conveniently slide out of the rear doors and can be set up behind the vehicle. Here, golfers can take a look at the latest golf equipment and devices such as golf clubs and the Garmin lineup of Approach handhelds and wearables. Two demonstration areas on each side of the van allow potential customers to test out the golf products. Mounted on the roof of the van, two large telescope arms hold a golf hitting net as well as Garmin VIRB action cameras.

HQ Custom Design

The last van was made by HQ Custom Design, a specialized comp in custom luxury executive shuttle vans. For Metris Concept they offer along with tons of leather upholstery, the best in audio/visual, everything in the finest craftsmanship way. SEMA concept Metris shows how versatile the Mercedes-Benz van is and how business owners can use it to showcase and demonstrate new productsand services.