smart ForFour: So smart you forget it’s a four-seater

smart ForFour
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What is the difference between a two seater and a four seater? Well, in a four seater, you must remember that someone from the rear might always stare at you while you’re doing things you should do only when you are alone or not at all!

The latest TV advertisements for the smart ForFour are based on the idea that the smart ForFour is so smart that you forget it has got four seats. Yes, two extra seats and sometimes passengers that you might forget about, so don’t overreact when your heart jumps out of your chest when parking Watch out!

And watch out when you are picking your nose, too! Oh, no, don’t do that! Someone is seating in the back of your car, can’t you see that in your rearview mirror?

Too late! You have already been in an embarrassing, shocking or surprising situation! But the benefit of car sharing on your way to the office and back can help you erase that from your mind. We’re not sure about the minds of your passengers though!

But the worst is yet to come. Don’t tell us you are the kind of parent who forgets to take the kid to school! Well, you can’t keep him at the office the whole day without getting in trouble. So, with the risk of being late to work, take the kid where he belongs!